The science

Vigo tracks your eyes and head motion to measure your levels of alertness. When Vigo senses you’re getting drowsy, it stimulates you with a combination of vibrations, music, audio, flashing light or phone calls.​

What's in a blink?

Your blink contains a myriad of information. Vigo tracks over 20 parameters to measure variations in your blinks, such as blink rates, blink durations and drooping eyelids. By analyzing biosignal patterns, Vigo can sense you’re drowsy before even you do.​








What's on my head?

Vigo’s high-precision 6-axis accelerometer and gyroscope measures minute movements of your head. With a smart algorithm, Vigo knows exactly what you’re doing - head nods, lowered gaze and slouched postures can all be picked up by Vigo’s advanced sensors. 


Built for you

Originally developed at the University of Pennsylvania, Vigo has teamed up with world leading researchers in the driving cognition and fatigued driving space to develop and test its algorithm. Built on principles of machine learning and statistics, Vigo’s algorithm can learn from your individual differences with a brief calibration phase and adapt to your unique characteristics.