Reduce fatigue-induced incidents

There are 100,000 accidents per year that cause $12.5 billion in damages, according to the NHTSA. With Vigo, prevent fatigue-related accidents before they happen. Optimize your scheduling to account for individual differences to reduce the risk of drivers driving on the road while drowsy.

Real-time performance monitoring

Track driving behavior with Vigo’s cloud dashboard. In addition to seeing the real-time alertness status of each driver, measure safe driving habits such as scanning the road, checking side mirrors and taking rest breaks between long trips. Get notified for bad behavior such as driving while operating a phone, harsh acceleration and braking, and speeding.


Attract better drivers because you care

Show your drivers you care about them. Vigo helps build trust and confidence between drivers and fleets, because using Vigo shows you don’t just care about profits - you care about your drivers arriving home to their family safe and sound.


Reach out to learn more

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