Try the award-winning headset

that helps you stay alert

Stay in the zone


Get stimulated

Stay connected

your eye and head motion

via vibrations, sound or light

with calls and music streaming


A Nudge When You Need It

Vigo's advanced algorithm tracks patterns in your blinks and head motion to see if you're getting drowsy. When you’re starting to fall asleep, Vigo can stimulate you with pulsing vibrations, discrete flashing lights, your favorite pump-up song, or calls to a loved one.


Packed with advanced technologies


Talk time: 12 hours

​Standby time: 10 days

Weight: 17 grams

Charging: USB

Infrared sensors track eyelid motion

LED flashes warning light


Vibration motor alert

Noise cancellation microphone


Soft silicon earbud

Speaker emits audio alert

6-axis accelerometer tracks head motion


120 mAh battery




Learn about yourself

View your alertness patterns and get recommendations on how to improve

Customize stimulations

Choose between vibrations, music, sound, flashing lights or automated calls

*Vigo device required​


Stay safe with Vigo

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